Now when we meet each other

“Thank you so much for coming. You are really brave. ”

Hong Kong producer greeted at the first meeting. On the day when water cannons were poured out and the highest gas filled the atmosphere, we were in Hong Kong. It was the day when the Hong Kong police’s armed suppression began to the students who gathered at the University of Polytech.

From November 17th to 24th, Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou held the sixth Asian Producer Platform Camp (AppCAMP). It was already a year ago that AppCamp was decided this year. Many of the cities of Chinese were expected to cross the border, and how we could create a network from the changes of these cities. Shortly afterwards, protests began in March 2019 to oppose the Criminal Indian Law in Hong Kong. The situation didn’t seem to be solved, and the protests grew bigger. Hong Kong’s occasional appearance online was terrible. A few days before the departure, the voting was made to finalize the participants to go to Hong Kong, but many of them were decided without any change by the majority. I continued to search for Hong Kong demonstrations and headed to the airport.

Hong Kong, who arrived at noon on Sunday, was quiet, but was still calm. The noodle shops in the alley were always selling Wantang noodles and milk tea, and tourists were quite visible. It was evening evening, and the place we stayed was on the way to Polytechnics, the base of the protests, so we could see the protesters right away. The road, which was peaceful during the day, was quickly filled with citizens in black clothes, and shortly after the police and water cannon cars ran to the citizens at high speeds. The protesters were hurried to narrow alleys, and the waiting was quickly covered with the highest gas.

“The most dangerous thing now is the police. The protesters are not dangerous. ”

The scene was beyond imagination. The police mobilized fire trucks and ambulances to suppress protests. Why did we come here? Not everyone thought and gathered the same. I was actually afraid that I could buy anything here. I doubted whether our will is a good hero psychology. In addition, Taiwanese producers would have been more difficult to come to Hong Kong because they were in a diplomatic position similar to Hong Kong. But after facing all of this, there was no place to return to this time as a witness of this time.

In various places, citizens woke up the sidewalk block and installed obstacles to prevent police cars from entering the road, and the benches and abandoned furniture were piled up in various places. The sound of stones, the sound of water cannons, the shouts and screams alternately filled the city. The next day, the protests became worse, and we returned to the performance together, so we couldn’t enter the dedicated bus or taxi, so we returned to the hostel in an hour. Hong Kong faced the street was really a battlefield. Citizens handed us to masks and bottled water to us, and we looked at the way so that we seemed to be a foreigner. Beyond the mask, we remembered our Gwangju.

Citizens paralyzed the city and resisted the government, but in the morning, they were taking care of each other and caring for the city. As always, the noodle shop opened the door again. The same was true of the art world. In some cases, in a place where the audience is dangerous to the safety of the audience, some of the decisions have been made to cancel, but most of the performances were fortunately keeping their stage. Was it an expression of the willingness to continue on stage? We volunteered for the producers of contemporary performing arts and visited the spaces one by one and looked at Hong Kong again through their 크레이지슬롯 strong will.

A Hong Kong producer could hear about how Hong Kong’s citizens are resisting and how they record the time of resistance. One artist looked at the protests that lasted, placing an old public phone box that reminds me of the old Hong Kong’s memories, and puts the ability to record anyone in the phone. The protests continued every day and began to talk about the public phone one or two, and hundreds of voices were piled up in the middle of the protesters. Their story has become an important archive in itself, and its vividness is still unforgettable.

“Mom, I think I know why I opposed me going to the protests when I came here. I’m so scared. But the scary thing is to stop fighting for the future. I can’t stop this struggle for our future. ”

And that night, hundreds of college students were arrested by the police’s force.

Beyond the border to Macau, across the border to China

On the third day of AppCamp, the participants were divided into four teams, continuing the group research in Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai and Guangzhou. When I headed to Zhuhai, I was sorry for moving to a safe place and I’m sorry for leaving Hong Kong. Those who moved from Hong Kong to Macau crossed the longest bridge between Hong Kong and Macau, crossing the border of Hong Kong once and once over the border of Macau. And those who move from Macau to Zhuhai arrived in China through the land border with numerous people who commute to and from the border. Those from Hong Kong to Guangzhou were a little different. When I crossed the border, I was worried that a picture of a demonstration was found on my phone, or I would not mistake us as a college student in Hong Kong. The atmosphere of the border was cold and so different. We did so many times the border, not the border, like a mission.

‘One Country, Two Systems, 一 國 兩” explains their present. The conflict between Hong Kong and China, which began with the Indian Law, a criminal over the border, dates back to the previous umbrella revolution. It is also associated with the conditions of Shenzhen and Zhuhai, which are legally Hong Kong and Macau, which correspond to China’s special administrative districts, and the Chinese border cities of China. The Guangdong Province, which is called Pearl River Delta (PRD, 三角), including these cities, connects China’s East and West, and China cooperates economically with the outside. It is the center of the change in China. Especially earlier this year, China announced the GBA (Greater Bay Area), a plan to tie nine cities of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau into one special economic zone. After returning from the colonies, Hong Kong and Macau, which maintain the political and economic system of the UK and Portugal, will be realized in China in 2047 and 2049, respectively by the agreement with China. The Chinese government is investing a lot in the Zhu River Samgakju to prepare for this, and is gradually expanding its area of ​​authority and control. The economic development rate of these borders and the changes in socio -cultural infrastructure were significant.

In the Guangzhou Opera House, which was visited during the official schedule, we could see the cultural strategies of China from the point of view of the GBA by listening to the network and functions of the theater to see how China is looking at the Zhu River Damn as a new cultural base. Increasingly, in the city of Guangdong, the topography of society and culture is changing rapidly, as the proportion of Beijing (common language), not Guangdong, is increasing. It was not easy to determine what kind of topographical change in the Asian performing arts world. However, it was still afraid whether the organization of the state would be the object of erosion and the means of control at any time.

Come back to ours

He stayed in Hong Kong and the cities around him for a short time, and refreshed a web page that guides the Hong Kong protests in real time. The map is operated by the citizens updated in real time, where the police are now located, how many police troops are, where the highest gas broke out, and the violence caused by the suppression of armed forces. That night, when we stayed in Hong Kong, the map of the night crossed with the reality in front of the eyes and created a strange sense of gis. And even after returning to my calm city, I sometimes open the map again. Look into the map as if it was a special ring that connects Hong Kong and me.

Hong Kong’s friend said they are now thinking about how to respond to trauma. If the last umbrella revolution has just covered the overflowing smoke, Hong Kong is different from then on. Remember that our visit has been great courage to them, and we make this article to share the future homework. The weight of facing it is too big. How much did we know about the changes between China and their neighbors? And how do you recognize and accept the change?

1) Asia Producer Platform Camp (AppCAMP)

Every year, the performance and arts producers of the Asian regions gather in a region to conduct common workshops, research, and research on the region. It aims to establish the possibility of creative cooperation among producers and expand the network of Asian performing arts.

2) Records of resistance from Hong Kong citizens

Comparing the 2014 Umbrella Revolution with the 2019 Criminal Protestant Protestants, the web page of the archive.

3) Web page that guides the scene of Hong Kong protests in real time

On the map, the police mean the dog and the dinosaurs.

While writing this article, the Hong Kong parliamentary election, which was held on November 24, 2019, achieved the highest turnout, and the news that the democratic camp won overwhelming victory. They expressed their feelings that Hong Kong citizens do not give up. Many believe that the results will affect the election of the minister, and the voices of political reform will be more vibrant.

* This article is written in the Seoul Foundation for Theater [Theater in].


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