Western Africa Mali and Senegal

At the mission, there is a missionary family conference every two years and by continent. The African team was the first to hold a conference in Senegal Dakar in April 2015. Cameroon in Western Africa and Kenya’s family in Eastern Africa decided to gather for Takar. Senegal’s missionary has long been a senior in western Africa. International missions and domestic missions are not supported by the headquarters. As an individual raised his own capacity, it was a great task and prayer title to move to Takar. This is because the five family flight prices were 6 million won.

Senegal’s senior said that he knew this anguish and asked the boss who was a friend to support the price of Kemeroon and Kenya. The senior’s friend’s boss gave me a great support for 10 million won. Mr. Kim was doing a big fish business in Senegal.

The Kenya Air Line was a small plane from Mali for about an hour and then left. Anyway, the flight price from the east to the west was more expensive than going to Korea from Kenya.

Finally, he was on the plane to Mali, Africa. There was no announcement that the plane landed even after the departure time had passed. As soon as I felt anxious that the plane would not get inside today, the plane slowly turned around the runway and flew toward the sky. A plane arrived in Mali, who took a break once. However, even though the departure time passed for a while, there was no landing announcement, but the plane could not come. There is a problem with the plane. Perhaps it was clear that there was the same problem from Nairobi Jomo Kenyata Airport. The people who boarded they climbed the bus from the airline and moved to the hotel. While going to the hotel from the airport, I passed through a well -polished city. There were only a few cars on the road, but there were so many small motorcycles waiting for signals. People were not seen in India, and the city seemed to be quiet and peaceful. As soon as I passed the poem, the deserted desert spread out in front of me. Really nothing. If someone came to Mali or traveled to Mali, her husband said, ‘I want to dry.’ Arriving passed through the wasteland, the hotel looked like a big instructor. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the hotel, so the word high -end is suitable. The weather was hot, and the mosquitoes were not a lot of air conditioning facilities. Only fan fans were back on the ceiling. On an old TV, I heard a ‘supporting’ sound, and a strange language came out. We came from east to West in the east of Africa in a few hours. There was no toothpaste in the bathroom, so we had dinner and brushed the salt on the table and brushed my teeth.

The next day I arrived at Mali Airport early in the morning, so I needed yogi. At the end of the cafe, I pulled out the card to buy bread, but the staff asked for a dollar. My husband said he didn’t expect this to happen, and he didn’t leave a dollar and put it in a bag. Of course, toothpaste and money were also on the plane compartment. So we arrive in Takar, Senegal.

Senegal, called the hub of western Africa, is so sophisticated that it is incomparable. When I left the airport, the smell of the sea smelled at the tip of the nose with the air in the morning. While going to the hostel, I saw a beautiful sea in the right direction. As the day was bright, the sea breeze was refreshing and the streets seemed safe enough to jog. It was as if I was watching a scene from the movie.

A car stood in an apartment without a gate. It was a five -story apartment with a parking lot on the first floor like a Korean town house. The guards who were parked in the parking lot were chatting with the local uniforms without wearing uniforms.

In Kenya, curiosity was rare. Kenya has a high gate at the entrance of the residential area, whether the apartment complex is small, small, downtown. There is a wall next to it, and the barbed wire or electric fan is on top. However, Senegal was so safe that there was no distinction between the neighborhood where the foreigner lives and the locals living because the religion is Islam. The alley was covered with sand so that the feet fell like a coastal city. The sand was trampled under the feet all over the house. While we were in Dakar, the sand breeze was blowing from the Sahara Desert like the yellow dust of Korea over the window.

Since it was dominated by France, it was easy to buy delicious baguettes even in small shops on the street. French pronunciation was different from the sound I heard so far. The French, which had to be heard, was close to the clunky of African accent. But in my ears, African French sounded more comfortable than sophisticated pronunciation. In fact, I can only do Bongjour, Bong -ah and Mercy. I don’t know who’s missionary to Africa.

To express gratitude to President Kim’s couple

I invited you to a restaurant with the sea. It was a famous hotel buffet restaurant run by French people. The unique appearance was made by a French chef. There were many fruit shops called casino, and French were sitting at the counter and receiving money. I was still sad when I thought I was economically unable to escape the colony of France.

We served as a conference executive for Senegal and Korean missionaries around them. The retreat site was a large resort with a swimming pool. The weather was hot and the water was cool, so it was a very suitable place for children. On the way to and from the lodgings and conference places, there was a baoba tree with a thick waist that had to be hugged by hand. Baoba Tree is a very common tree in Senegal, and locals enjoy sour Baoba as a snack.

As soon as they arrived in Senegal, the mission team had several executives meeting several times for three nights and four days of retreat. Independently, I didn’t know how to prepare for the situation and mission, family story, and the future prospects and exit strategies of three countries in Senegal, Cameroon, and Kenya.

After finishing the MK (missionary child) retreat, the name of the lake, which seemed to contain a lot of salt in strawberry milk in the place where I drove from Takar from Takar, was Retba. Some have soaked in water. There is a visit to the fish factory run by President Kim.

Kim worked as a navigator in Korea in his 20s in his twenties in 1989 and settled in Moritani in Senegal’s neighbor. Five years later, he operated a fisheries company in Senegal and suffered a lot of failures.

The second destination went to Gore Island, which was listed as the World UNESCO Heritage Site. The island, the center of labor trade, was occupied several times by European countries. On the island there were fortresses, roads, plazas, buildings and schools. The Gore Island, where the tears, pain and death of slaves crossed every day, would be a place of one of Senegal people. It is also the place where former US President Obaba went to. An old black couple who visited Gore Island in the United States shed tears as they watched the sea. It may have been the appearance of their ancestors who were treated as a beast in Gore’s slave room and sold to Europe and America. In a sense, the song containing the soul of black singers is similar to Korean emotions.

Many of these worlds, ya -nim ah ~

Singer Cho Yong -pil, Kim Soo -ae, and Korean traditional music, Kim Young -im, came to mind. Africans are like Koreans and tears.

The third place I visited is the Room Horn Desert. There, I sled the sleds and slept overnight at the tent hotel and saw a star that seemed to pour out of the night sky.

Finally, I saw 크레이지슬롯 the African Renaissance statue that it was built in North Korea. North Korea’s power was felt that 52 meters was made with copper and bronze. When he made this statue, North Koreans lived in Takar, and sometimes they quickly avoided their seats if they met Koreans in the traditional market.

Dakar’s sea food was really fresh and cheaper that it was incomparable with Nairobi. I bought a mussels just in the beach, and the broth was white and tasted. In a restaurant run by Koreans, I ate sashimi rice bowls, but my eyes were naughty. It was a privilege that only those who lived close to the sea could taste.

The local food of Buzen is so rich and delicious. The large amount of dara fried various vegetables on the same plate and fried fish and set up a table. The food that people eat into a large plate and the foods of people was also full of emotional culture. It was amazing to eat a large baguette bread by hand and eaten vegetables and fish.

The plane from Senegal rested at Mali Airport for a while. When a few people climbed the plane, they flew back to the nair lobby. My family arrived in Kenya without any ride. The body, which was sticky with a humid climate, quickly dried with Kenya climate in Gosan. When I arrived home, the sand fell from every corner of my body. Carrier, shoes, hats and all luggage came out of sand.

On the day he left Senegal, Mr. Kim took a box of people who were rapidly frozen to Kenya and Cameroon’s families. In his service, the scent of Christ was felt. Today I think of grilled fish.


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