What is the truth of the quotes? Why Marie Antoinette was called “Luxury Queen” (Cosmopolitan)

A series of London writers, Hanako Miyata, “Knowing! [Photo] Marie Antoinette and others … Eight beautiful women who leave the name in history! 。 While introducing the feats of “amazing people” to the extent that you can know, you will pinpoint and cut and cut. Delivering a great manner that you can easily read! A bad woman? Or just naive? Marie Antoinette, who has disappeared on the crucific table, is overwhelmingly well -known as a historical person in France. She knows that she was “beheaded by the French Revolution”, but many people don’t know the way to this point. Marie Antoinette (from November 2, 1755 to October 16, 1793, the birth name is “Maria Antonia Josepha Josepha Johanna Johanna von Hapsburg -Rotolringen”) It was born in Vienna, the Principality of Austria, as Franz I and Maria Teresia’s 15th (11th woman). She was just a couple of children (the birth of 16), but all of her growing girls (appointed as a monastery), all of whom have a political marriage to stabilize the country. Marie Antoinette also married Louis XVI (August 23, 1754 -January 21, 1793), which was the time of the French prince to strengthen the alliance with France, on May 16, 1770. did. On the day of leaving her Austria, Marie Antoinette leans on her mother, Maria Teresia. The marriage of a young royal couple aged 15 years old and 14 years old was not at first. She was under pressure to “give birth to her successor,” but her child was not easily born, and her brother came from Austria and intervened into a child. Later, due to his grandfather, Louis XVI, Louis XVI became the king in 1775. Marie Antoinette is the queen. She is a portrait depicting Marie Antoinette when she became a queen. The atmosphere of her globe and enjoying the spring of my world is conveyed. The national treasury is a fire car because France participated in the United States’ Independence War (the United States). However, the royal noble continued to live luxuriously. The anger of citizens, who could not withstand the burden on the tax hike, the poor of wheat, and the unequal feudal system, exploded, and the French Revolution broke out on July 14, 1789. Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and two children (four children were born between the two, but two of them died during the revolution) were imprisoned in the tumble tower. Louis XVI was sentenced to death on January 19, 1793, and was executed two days later by a guillotine beheaded on January 21. Marie Antoinette was also sentenced to death on October 16, 1793, at around 4:00 am on October 16, 1793 due to her information leakage, luxury crime, and her son’s abuse ( * various theories), and 12:15 pm 바카라 on that day. , She was executed by guillotine. She was a 37 -year -old life.

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