“Syrup16G” 20210 Extendead “Live Repo -Miracle with miracles.”

2021.11.4 Thu 19:00 -Tokyo Garden Theater

SE: Pedro ECT …

01.I Will Come (Before New Down)

02. (I Wanna Be Your) GirlFRIEND


04.Mercy Me

05. Hide -and -seek


07.Turn me on

08.Alone in Lonely

09.in the Air. In the error

10.In My Hurts Again

11. Passing

12.Maybe understood

* All new songs so far are temporary titles


13. Hope

14. God’s karma

15. Sonic Disorder


16. Light blue wind

17. Sodoshiraso

18. Genius

19. Vacuum


20. Fallen

When I checked it, I watched the live of syrup live on November 8th and 9, 2019.

TOUR “Scam: Spam” real Auras Sendai Darwin 2days is the last.

Since then, it has been the first syrup spectator live in two years.

Meanwhile, “SCAM: SPAM: SCUM” performance on February 28 and 29, 2020 (Shinkiba Studio Coast)

2days Nico Live Distribution and this year’s “SCAM: SPAM: SCUM: SLUM” Performance 4DAYS

(USEN STUDIO COAST) 2 performances can be viewed by Streaming+Distribution

It was also very good, so I feel like I haven’t seen the honest syrup all the time.

I felt that it was not such a serious thing.

It is a pandemic by Coronavirus, which is said to be once every 100 years since March last year.

I can’t say that it has happened and all of my life is no longer going.

The bandmen can no longer live.

We had no choice but to stay at home beautifully (STAY BEAUTIFUL (laughs)).

Still this year

While rejoicing with the words such as “Because only everyone has friends” or “Pushiro Cheering Team”

The patient syrup fan kept waiting.

Meanwhile, Mr. Endo of the UK project and the bassist humi of Polysics

He started UKP radio. Igarashi and Taiki appeared on March 15 in syrup.

Among them, Taiki said, “I just want to join the studio now.”

Igarashi said, “I want to do live Hell-See.”

And the birthday of Igarashi on June 1 did not change, but the moon changed July 1st.

Announcement of UKP’s 10 new songs of syrup.

Many fans were joyful and became “Eh?” One -man with only new songs seems to be since 2004.

The date is November 4th.

Because Taiki -chan said that he had begun to enter the studio with Gacchan in March.

After the radio recorded, I wrote it steadily, and sometimes Kitada -chan was making songs with Kitada.

Fortunately, the fifth waves of the Corona headed for the convergence, and the live was greeted at the best time.

I’m really happy.


I was going to go to another live the day before, so I went to Tokyo on November 3rd.

It’s been about one year and nine months since February 2020.

After getting off the train at the International Exhibition Center Station, the road leading to the garden theater was complicated, but safely

Arrived at the venue. In a very nice space where various shops and hotels gather in one place

There was a venue.

When you arrive, to the entrance, syocual distance alphabard and 20210 EXTENDEAD

It was spectacular because the image combined was projected on a monitor lined up at equal intervals.

It was starting to sell product sales from 16:00, but at that time there were already good number of customers.

We decided not to hesitate to buy goods first.

If this was good, it might not have been possible to buy the reggaemas T for 30 minutes later.

The syrup fan is really hot.

I entered the venue around 18:30 because it was a reserved seat. Because there was one ticket for my friend’s B block

As a balcony seat, I was able to give up the ticket and sit down relatively near the stage.

When I looked around, the chairs and pipe chairs were really fine in a really good hall, and the backrests and sitting part were soft and very easy to sit. Great! !

The SE that was flowing at the venue was mainly songs from PEDRO (British Electro Pop Band).

When you look at the stage, Kitada’s bass is two and ampeg’s bass amplifier.

The blue base of the base is when Taiki -chan goes to Nagano on Mao -chan’s tour

It seems to have been purchased. Taiki -chan’s drum is not a beautiful Vist light with a transparent blue

It was blue.

At the position of Igarashi, there is one familiar Badcat amplifier and two electric guitars.

The staff started one of them, so when I saw it, I never came out

Guitar. When I looked it up, it was a guitar with a casino + Bigsby that played the so -called arm.

Igarashi bought a new guitar again (laughs)

The rest is the reggae master and the acoustic gogi, 12 strings and Hummingbird.

I thought it would be unusual to have only two electric guitars at live.


Announcement in the hall flowed before the performance.

“All the main part is an unreleased song. Please sit down and watch. Encore stands and watches.

I recommend things “

I heard this announcement for the first time at a rock band live (laughs)

However, he grinned with a super -perverted demon like syrup.

A few minutes after the start time at 19:00, the members come out.

Igarashi looks like a Superman flying and rushes to his place.

Five songs continued from there.

A simple and major songs that are noticeable and beautiful melodies are also impressive.

From the beginning, the sound of the drums sounded very well in the venue, but I can hardly hear the lyrics sung by Igarashi.

Originally, Igarashi’s pronunciation is not good, but if you know the song you know, the lyrics are understood, so there is no problem.

However, it was a pity that the lyrics were difficult to hear in the new song.

Also, maybe it would have been nice to raise the volume of Kitada’s base more.

Igarashi, who eventually made 12 songs while saying 10 songs.

With MC

“I made 12 new songs, but I didn’t want to do it if there were 10 songs, so I made 12 songs.

So it’s EXTENDEAD. “

I was saying.

And in the MC after the fifth song, Taiki waved his hand while sitting in the drum set.

“I came well ~~~ !!”

I was very happy to say twice.

It’s unnecessary because I finally came over various difficulties.

Of the 12 new songs, the 8th song “Alone in Lonely”

Don’t talk to you even if it’s sad

Don’t talk even if you are happy

The lyrics melody is very impressive.

I thought this song was a proof that the genius songwriter Igarashi’s talent was alive.

The 11th song “Utsushi” The 12th song “MAYBE UNDERSTOOD” was a very good song with the sublimation of the original syrup song.

However, the arrangement of the new songs is not yet completed, and there may be a task to knead the detailed arrangement of guitar solo and bass here.

An important point in syrup live.

I witnessed Igarashi’s golden left foot to about 100 ° in the second or third song.

I wonder if it went up modestly.

Is this related to age because it should have been rising more and more in the early days of syrup? smile

And the new song was a lot of Akogi songs, but if I thought something was different from usual

Igarashi seems to have forgotten the Akogi strap. There is always something in the live, Again ~~! !

So was the rate of sitting on a chair high?

Taiki -chan says about new song production

“From Gacchan, come to the studio ~!”

It seems that he was called and called.

But Igarashi is

Don’t say that ~~ (laughs)


On this day, there were cameras all over the venue, and recording shooting using cranes was also performed.

And I knew this later, but I always wore LAD MUSICIAN clothes, but this time Taiki and Kitada also wore it.

This is probably because the live of the day will commercialize the video.

By the way, after finishing 12 new songs, the members who have been sweeped once.

In the clapping of the encore again in the announcement again

“Please stand and enjoy the encore.”

The customer has no sign of standing at all.

In fact, there were many customers in front of the stage, still sitting in the encore.

I wonder if the chair was comfortable and I didn’t want to stand (laughs)

After a while, the members come out.

Igarashi and Taiki are dead, and Kitada is Ron T.

At this time, Kitada had long hair at this time.

Is it an MC at this time, Igarashi

“I thought I would take a rest tomorrow, but I’m glad everyone didn’t refund.”


“I feel like I’m not living every day because I don’t go to the outside world. There are many bots, even though there are no people in that.

The guy that flows automatically is like that. “

It seems that a T -shirt was created by saying that.

Igarashi, who always uses all the useless self that is always useless.

I think that Igarashi is the same as us that it is a masochistic character but the unpleasant feeling is the same as us.

It’s no good, it’s too bearish, or it’s a communication disorder. There shouldn’t be a person with no drawbacks

People in the world do not show their weaknesses.

Even if you dare to hide it and make it look stronger.

Igarashi does not resist such a stupid resistance.

The song he makes is exactly the same.

So I think empathy is deep.

I’m really a great talent, but I don’t think I’m a genius.

That is the greatest attraction of syrup.

I don’t want a superstar.

There is just a gentle person next to me

Humans can find light in the future.

Syrup’s song is such a song.

In the encore, the hope starts with Akogi.

The tone and voice of the Akogi were wonderful.

I like the encore that starts with hope.

On this day, Igarashi was very stable with a good voice and the pitch of the pitch was small.

And the guitar was also playing.

I guess I practiced well. 바카라사이트/a> Originally Igarashi’s guitar is good.

Anyway, the sense is outstanding.

And the drums from Makillin base and the overlap of the guitar cord are beautiful

The flow of Karma of God after a long absence -Sonic Disorder.

No matter how many times I listen, I can’t be thrilled and silent.

There is no syrup that is completely familiar with your feelings. wonder.

It seems that the song was starting to run from here, but I didn’t mind at all.

And the second encore.

Igarashi is the death of T

Igarashi “The characters have become better”

Taiki “It’s good ~”

Kitada “… it’s not really good … stopping or splash …”

Taiki “But this time I haven’t made a mistake (laughs)”

A dry laugh like Kitada -san.

From here Igarashi

“Our Nakahata -kun will imitate Fuji -kun.”

(゚ д ゚)? ? ? As soon as possible

It started “light blue wind”

I cried with excitement.

Many syrup fans listened to the light blue wind of syrup because the wisteria of the bump participates in the chorus.

It seems that I started listening to syrup, but that’s exactly the same.

For the first time, the beauty of Taiki -chan’s chorus, including the joy of listening raw for the first time and the favorite guitar solo of Tuto, and the Fuji -kun part.

My heart shook. It hasn’t changed since I met.

And to Sodoshiraso.

I wonder if the three ensembles were about to fall apart with the head of this song.

But it was true that I picked it up wonderfully.

And the genius -vacuum at the high -speed BPM was too cool and enjoyable and was too happy.

The genius intro guitar is aggressive and intertwined with the accent that is engraved on the floor.

A vacuum intro.

He did 4 songs with double encore, but there was a clapping at the beginning with the expectation of triple, but the customer power was attached immediately.

The BGM flowed, so I reached out to the luggage and reached out, and the three members came out in a hurry and began to fall with the customer electricity.

Taiki -chan’s raw “Rocknro -Ro !!!!” was too cool and burned and moe.

“I’m saying I’m lacking in sleep.”

I muttered without speaking inside the mask.

I hope you can say the next time.

I wished with my heart.

Instead, Igarashi sang me.

Thus, syrup16G “20210 Extendead”

Is over.

It was in no time. But the raw sound was the best.

Igarashi on this day seemed to be fun and talked very well.

Is that because it’s a large box and there is a distance from the front?

Or I don’t know if it’s because I’ve enjoyed the live than before

I think it would be nice if it was the latter.

The fact that he still performed 12 incomplete new songs

You can also enjoy the world of new syrup songs in the future.

And live Hell-See.

There is a tip.

There is light in the future.

I’m a syrup fan and realized that I’ve been really happy in recent years

It was a good live.

The syrup cannot be excessive.

It’s always a little short.

So the heart you want is also stronger.

I know that it is a miracle

Each movement is very important.

I don’t think it’s a band like this.

She shouts that it is indispensable from the bottom of my heart.

It’s a very lovable band.

Four days have passed since then.

It is unlikely that you can get out of the lingering sound of that day.

Yorokobi in life

thank you! Store manager time

Here! I will write it at the time !!

By the way, what is the situation of the last 13 days?

I see, i see. 。 。

Never lose, the struggle continues

Further thoughts! I will inject plenty

Such a Typhoon has arrived

Shiga Prefecture feels like a direct hit tomorrow, and I was planning with my son

Lake Biwa Valley activity has been canceled. Penen

If you notice! September is already late. This year is 3 months remaining,

Everyone! Do you remember your life! ?

When one year begins, this year! ●● I’ll do it! I have a goal,

It is difficult to take action.

Therefore! I want you to see it!

No -time pochiri!

Those who want to change their lives! Please take a look

I! This year one year! No -time pochiri in psychology coaching school!

So, because I paid a high tuition fee, I participated and eaten at will.

As a result, recently, I have been able to understand the structure of my heart, and I have been frustrated.

Also, what do you have to take care of in the future?

I feel that I should take the plunge of self -investment.

What do you invest in yourself?

Replace next time!

In response to your voice! Masui! Masui!

Keiji of Flowers

Basilisk bond, Symphogear, paradise

In addition, the topic of new platforms and famous machines are back ♪ I can’t wait

That’s why today’s midnight is a replacement work



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