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★ FC2 Haiku 1000 Nengo to Seesaa, 1000 Nego, IcecreamiCECREAM69.seesaa.net ★ 294/12 (Tue) 10:48 Ice Water ○ Beginning of Azuki Keya Ice Water ○ Water Water Water Water Water Tou Shaved ice ○ Tetsu -Pen Milk beautiful ice water ○ Polka dots on the leaves ○ Purple water water ○ Pure cheeks 氷 氷 水 水 水 水 水 く く く く く く く く か ほ か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か か かTaste of the taste of the tastes ○ Ice ○ Green small diameter shaved ice ice cake ○ cow’s breasts and softened soft ice cream ○ Deep -quality breasts deep soft cream ○ Living in a polite town ○ Arakawa Basho Inari and Soft Cream ○ Ryokawa Soft cream that raises rises ○ baby hugging soft ice cream, protruding airports ○ Soft cream at airports and direct flights ○ Soft ice cucumber ○ Soft cream ○ Emerald Blue shows ice confectionery. Baseball close to the baseball, the baseball club manager, and the uniform that reaches the sound of the uniforms and the sound of the sound. Original Sangokushi ○ Fresh Green Green Window and Decorative Window ○ Fresh Green and Tea Equipment Uzukushiki Shitoin 2022/05/05 15:36 Comment 0 Wara 2022/05/05 14:37 Comments 0 Chorryo ○ Beautiful naked women ○ Choruso, the chilling of Tsugaru, cold apple, and kashiwate, and the cherry blossoms that dye the gulf of the chilled apple and dye the gulf. Shiraki Lotus and Yellow Hikari ○ Contains a row of cherry blossoms for many years. The cherry blossoms that escape on the paving stone ○ The town of jewelry is a button. France Iris ○ Reliable Western Ayame Soft ○ Western Ayame Lady Waiting Softly Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Oya Oya ○ Yusuke and wrapped in the evening face. Hand ring banana ○ Banana of a bunch that overlaps on the heavens ○ The bluish banana standing out of a bunch ○ The bluish bananas of the bunch, the upper banana warped bluish square square, the bananas and the fine arms that are overtaken by the top ○. Light of the peeled banana skin ○ Rare of rare items jump out of bananas ○ early morning Entrance balls and strawberry foods ○ secret strawberry love of strawberries and here ○ Return in the red and white camellia ○ Living with wild and close people, peanuts ○ Sky falling and peanut eggplant ○ Kitchen ○ kitchen. Eggplant of the Edo Tamato Kana Love Word of Love ○ The Morning Morning Smile and Tomato Eating ○ Hanabuki Snow Snow Milk Walking Walking around the girl ○ Plum flowering. Wrong tatami and tatami mats ○ The words in the afternoon in the afternoon ○ Listen to the human language ○ Bunko books Hanakushi plum blossom flower. Hana Yumi and Wood Carved Bears ○ Hana ○ Hanatai and Elementary School Students Ra Docell As in the case ○ Melon -cut mature woman and legs ○ What kind of melon margaret of dinosaur eggs ○ Magarette and love song tulip ○ Spires white lights Peacocks ○ Railroads on railroad crossings. Marigold Cat Furigo Vegetable Flowers ○ The Flowers of Cat Rede ○ Flowers are good and dazzling, the seedlings are dazzling, the seedlings and the town are far away. Meguru Car Ferry Ceroli ○ A woman like a older woman ○ A woman who hates her in the morning assembly. The habit of bitches in the esthetic that you can go to the celery ○ The habit of the celery is the habit of the celery ○ The reason for the man who forgets the man. Turn on the fallen leaves ○ Return to the palm of the mother’s hand ○ Return or go home. Folk Leaf Back lotus ○ The characters of dusks and dusks are all over the dynasty and hair. The bones of the lotus and the water in the water ○ In the night rain mushroom mushrooms that gently wet the dead lotus ○ Matsutake mushrooms on the matsutake mushrooms, the Ono Komachi also made a noise.葎 ○ Wearing Karo Karaga’s voice of the dog with the bellows of the dog with the banging of the dog. Nobuchi 1/160: 29 Plus Winter Rose ○ Hana Rose and Cat Intensho Garden The Long and Beautiful Winter Rose ○ Beautiful Winter Rose Over Winter Rose and Waki ​​Venous Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Flower and Honpakuren and Both Hands. Sprinkle winter peony ○ like a child’s obi, the cold peony ○ Pulse and the non -weakness, Fuyudan Fuyubutsu ○ Interfish Meiji and Vertical Poe Trate ○ Winter Tsubaki Meiji people around the Meiji era. The ridgeline of the ridgeline is a ridge line. 0 [Astronomy] First Snow ○ First Snow and the most beautiful me ○ First snow, the best lovers, the autumn wind ○ Falls 廚 Autumn breeze ○ Autumn breeze. The name 502 Spring Spring ○ Spring Spring and Spring Thunder ○ 코인카지노 Spring Thunder ○ Spring Thunder. Flower cloudy blossom clouds ○ Change new shoes, flower cloudy mirage ○ Mirage crying in quietness, mirage Shunko ○ Cat’s nose and rewards that are rewarded. ○ In the morning of Osaka, it is hazy in the morning in Osaka ○ Snow country, stickouts and plate Oshishikei Winter and evening ware ○ Winter Yaki again. None in the winter of the winter in winter ○ Sky and wings on the wings 2022/05/05 14:36 ​​Comments 0 [Life] Promotion ○ Promotion ○ Promotion ○ Promotion and black armor New employee ○ Beyond the new employee Pass, fall in the neighboring town ○ The foot of the foot of the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the spear. Clothes ○ Spring clothes and fruit sandwiches are comfortable with chest and spring clothes ○ Spring clothes and resident Spring clothing ○ Spring clothes and fruit sand cross sections ○ bulge and fruit sand Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Collar Cream ○ Sprouts of the Plateau ○ Rotary vehicle New Snow Oden ○ Oden ○ Fair -skinned mom’s long chopstick oden eating snow car on the national highway ○ Snow cars ○ Snow cars on a snow car are raised or it is difficult to pass, but snow cars ○ Snow cars on a snow car are passed on. Snow cars ○ Ridge of the ridgeline, ash, snow car ○ Snow car on the snow car, go to the fox road. Little words for alcohol. Snow enclosure ○ Pants on the backwood, snow enclosure ○ The country tailoring, snow fence ○ Under the eaves, snow fellowship and drainage kitchen ○ Large store narrowed, snow surrounding, sincere love, snowfall spring brazier ○ There is a blank, spring fire bowl ○ The spring blower ○ The last wings and head of the last wings and heads are spring fire bowl ○ Sapporo newspapers Spring Fire Bow ○ Crests in Kaizuka Spring Bowt ○ Spring Bowt Wow from the Stratured Spring Bowt ○ Spring Bowl Bowl Moon, Spring Fire Bowls ○ Economics Running Spring Bowt Spring Bowl Spring Bowl Spring Bowls Spring Spring Spring Spring. Braze Northern window opens ○ Pioneering Pione Poliftes Open Northern Winds Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Eyes Warm Warm Warm. Morning and broppies in the morning, spring sleep ○ Spring sleep and the whole story. It is like a spring sleep or a ham, and it becomes a spring sleep or gold, and a license and a driver’s license ○ visitors of the spring and the expo ○ like a spring or cream bread ○ Spring and creative ○ Spring and Spring and Spring Port over a month ○ Even after spring sleep and ten years, it looks like a spring and a baccarat desk. Nani ○ Spring Sleeping Nana Yukashi Yukashi Yukashi -Spring and Oil Shock also finds a job. Next seat ○ Spring and large motorcycles are blurred ○ Spring sleep, chronically something like spring sleep and shrine maiden in love ○ Milan pizza and hopes for spring and hopes. I can’t get enrolled in the texture ○ Spring and cigar The theme of the spring and cigars ○ Spring and Kifu Normal set meal shop ○ Even spring sleep and coffee ○ Spring and possessions 20,000 yen now ○ Spring sleep ○ Spring sleep ○ Spring sleep ○ Spring sleep. And the second life of the religion ○ Spring, the merger, and the islands ○ Sprinkle in Spring. Spring and fried foods, youth, spring sleep and rental bicycles mountain friends ○ Spring and launch, Tenshodo ○ Love of Spring and record stores ○ Money on Spring and Torii ○ Spring Sleep and Cat Station Manager Love a lot of prince sleeping in the morning ○ Sleeping in the morning and knowing the feelings of people ○ When you go to bed in the morning and go to the cat. Kana ○ Is it a goodbye in the morning? Get a cat ○ Married woman’s yubi, sleeping in the morning ○ There is a warmth in the morning and sleeping in the morning ○ Sleeping in the morning. I’m sleeping in the morning ○ I sleep in the morning and become a signboard cat. I sleep in the morning to hide my expression ○ Sleeping with a woman in Tokyo who keeps my body. Tama Right Hands and Leading Finger ○ Opena ○ Unexpectedly, look into the windows of the soap ball hotel. Tamanari Milk Saki ○ Shiyabon Tama Takayo Motoro Roppongi ○ Shiyabonbama Break, the back of the back ○ Shiyabonbama Ichimoto Road and Wind ○ Cuttering Writer flying soap balls that fly by cute writers ○ Balloons and outer majugu. Pass through balloons and Kachidoki Bridge ○ Balloons and parent -child shadows on the bridge. Sake in Jinshin Wai ▲ ○ ○ Balloons and figure skating seriously ○ Bend -bent bending bends and young children. The three cats are rounded ○ Collection of lights in the shops and shops ○ Kusamochi and northern noren 4th generation ○ Kusamochi and Meat Mochi Modes 2022/05/05 14:36 ​​Comments 0 The number of houses is decorated as the number of houses. Passing and Matsuto’s first diary ○ Hot brown first diary ○ The first diary of a woman who leaves Tokyo ○ The first diary of the first diary ○ The first diary The habit of the paper box that cannot be thrown away is the first diary The first day of the day, the mochi mochi, the mochi, the family, the family, the rice cake and the taiki, and it became like a cloud. Kanomochi Tsuzuki ○ Mochi and the sound of the darkness of the night are the seven -colored rice planting of the night. Red rice Taizuki and knee chestnuts ○ Pure white rice plant of pure white. Snow car ○ Pure white automatic snow car ○ Somehow hold over the forehead, snow car ear bag ○ Eisu bag, underwear and miso. ← Kanji ○ Skin Miso and Otani -san, vinegar stems ○ Slightly delayed by the priests of the priests. Former House ○ Mochi Hana and good years of hair ornaments, Fukuka ○ Shaky people, Fuku laugh Hatsumei ○ Nothing is good from the first dream and anything. Look at the mountains of rice and the fox first ○ Calcly kimonos and bots of kimonos and bullets ○ Calm and make a pattern. The first time of the song party, the first time of the song party, the first of the Aiko Petika Petika ○ Petika ○ Petika ○ Petika ○ Peach and the beautiful appearance Namiki Road ○ Petika and the religiousness of the wife’s hand ○ Petika and the worst in the mouth. Light the stove ○ stove, the time, light the hand, get a stove and freshly baked bread ○ Stow and stand eating soba. ○ Heading to Stow and Miyagi Whawed North North ○ Whaling in the eyes of a boy ○ Whaling boat with a cold harpoon ○ Whaling boat Ship of Nagamuru and Kinkazan Book for the first time ○ Kinsho ties one hair. ○ Include ink and write well ○ Girls in a row of girls, and Kana Kanai ○ Occasionally, the face that occasionally turns into the face and dried persimmon rugby rugby rugby rugby ragby ragbee ○ Lager man ○ that breaks the wheels of the soul Rugby and eyes are British -like rugby, toasting, handshake, and thrust up rugby and both hands -up mine. Train on the train ○ Covering from Kamakura and the first train first train ○ The first time of the dog and cats is the first trip of the dog and cats. First photo ○ Matsutsuku Hito and the first photo ○ Smile as it is with the first photo with the whole photo ○ First photo created by the stone set ○ Put the bowl in the center in the center. The glass of worship and the first photo ○ The first photo is fascinated by a cup of tea ○ My wife’s hand is dead and the first shot 2022/05/05 14:36 ​​Comment 0 Otorii Nest in the bird cloud ○ Birds nests and giraffe’s neck guide small bird eggs ○ Overalls twice and three birds ○ Eggs of small birds ○ maybe the end of the bird, birds, white denim, and small birds. Eggs ○ falling, the child of the chicken sparrow of the bird’s egg claws ○ The menu of the sparrow, the sparrow child, the kidnam, and the name of the egg grilled, the song of the large torii, and the song collection of Saisaihara. Become a song A goose that falls asleep on the side of Yayaki ○ Garn Narinari Temple Shiratori Shiratori and Shibata Sleeping Sleeping Oishi Family ○ Funny’s mountains, Ako no Motor ○ Wife. It is sweeped in the precincts and the precincts, and the voice of a hundred thousand tsubo x tsubo is a hundred thousands of tsubo ○ Hyakudori Music Hall Napolitan Golden Golden Golden Golden and the smoke tube. Make it a bird -style devil or a monkey ○ There is no demon on the side of the breeze. Bird of Yobu Bori Spring ○ Women’s Travel Luggage Spring Spring Spring Birds ○ Spring Birds ○ Theaters, New Spring Birds Over Spring, Spring Toru and Spring. Birds ○ Shunbuki, neighboring coffee shop ○ Shunitsui and first experience nominated batters ○ Shunbutsu and nicknamed good literature museum ○ The cover of the library is the cover of the library ○ Shunbutsu and Orthodox and cute and cute. There is a florist without a bird or a convenience store ○ There is a flower shop and a tree that stops the spring birds and the park curry. However, the forecast rate of Shibuya -series ○ Shio -Maneki Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Contemporary Art. ○ Stop without returning to the frog The stop is out of ants ○ A good crafts of ants. It is a town of crafts. A girl with the ass ○ Ants of the ants that came out of the brewery town ○ The first butterfly of the cassette tape and the first butterfly on the cassette tape ○ First butterfly and the subway one -piece dress ○ The first butterfly and the pale dream Hisashi no Stadium ○ Color Urizane Facial Face of Hisashi and Funny House ○ First butterfly and Personal Stops Total Bottle and Private Store Total Store ○ Hanabu Personally, Hanabu and Panda News Flowing Bee Nest ○ Beehive and lemon sour nomination batter ○ Honeybee’s identity, traveling traveling ○ Intervying the color of bees and tea ○ Born and tea, iced tea ○ Like bees and trial sizes ○ Honey and homemade confectionery rich Even the bees and the medals are declined ○ Talk to bees and black tea. How to talk to bees and cafes ○ Honey and traditional silhouette ○ Elegant and elegant and unpleasant ○ Honey of bees and carving. Sky ○ Honey and Beau and Directors for a long time. Early time, Oshikuri -d’Aliga’s Fureau Furu -fuzakan River. Leisurely Buri ○ Running Country Open Kurei Kurei Kurei ○ Which is the first time. Unknown person ○ owls and forest shadows. Plants] Hana no Hana, East, East, West, West West Words, Ran ○ Brown Open Car, Kimiko Ran ○ Beautiful Spear Kimiko Kimiko Ran ○ Brown Kimiko Ran ○ Ultraviolet Glan ○ Ultra -Lan Glasses Color, Kimiko Ran ○ Brown Life Kimiko Kimiko Ran Chozen ○ America The pigeon flies over the pigeon ○ Slipping through the hopeful grass cherry blossoms ○ Large motorcycle tilt Shiba cherry blossoms ○ historical drama town, Shiba cherry blossoms ○ Play the buttocks of black cats. There is a high property ○ Shibazakura ○ Shibazakura Cat also extends the amount of cat. Sakura ○ The house next to the cherry blossoms, Shiba cherry blossoms ○ New bags, Shiba cherry blossoms ○ Shibazakura Cyclamen ○ Cyclamen tongue blooming in a good building. (Laughs) But graduate from the foreign forests ○ Cyclamen Street, the Street and the River, the idols in the Cyclamen Living room. A night city that shines in the cigar ○ Cyclamen Hair is short and the sky is transparent ○ Cyclamen In the evening. Tongue’s cyclamen ○ bonfire grass now alone at the intersection. Cyclamen is so wet Now that I go over the glass ○ Sicramen I remember one song ○ In love with the bonfire ○ handmade, I think Cyclamen ○ Charlotte ○ Charlotte ○ Charlotte ○ Charlamen ○ Cyclamen Theatrical Version Neighborhood ○ Cyclamen Tokyo Tempts Tempts ○ Leaves Women’s Glokkasu Crocus ○ Crocas Overnight or Crocus ○ Crocas ○ Familiar Crocas ○ 15 minutes walk from the familiar station. The tip is sinful and the crocus ○ is a crocus -only clock. The lies of pregnant women who have forgotten the pregnant women and the flower saffron ○ Recent daily routine is increasing in the crocus ○ Crocas ○ Crocas ○ Crocas ○ Crocas ○ Looks under the angle below the knee over the filter of a married woman. Crocus ○ Hungry pregnant women Remember Hana Saffran ○ Lies of pregnant women who caress, crocus -sticking, crocus -like prokus ○ pregnant women, crocas ○ Dye the crocas ○ crocus -crocus -crocus -crocus -crocuses Snowflake that falls on the seat while on business trips and snow flakes ○ Snow flakes and snowflakes ○ Snowfreque ○ Snowfreque ○ Far Unusual Love Snow Flakes ○ Margaret Calling the name of you And Snow Flakes Nord Lop ○ Character Women’s Work Snow Drop ○ Snow Drop like an elegant dress ○ Princess’s Clothes Happy Snow Drop ○ Today’s Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Drops You can warm up in your hands. Food Snow Drop ○ Reality is the back of the world, snowdrop ○ Snowlop Heliotrope ○ Snow Rop Heliotlope ○ Sexy Lingerie, Helio Trope Helio Trope ○ Helio Trope Heliotlope ○ Heliotlope on the desk The Deep Forest and Heliotlope Herio Trope Heart The Gaze of the Street. Nu ○ Honey liquid back match and Heliotlope Freezia ○ Frejira career guidance ○ Put a pure cafe and wait at a pure cafe in Freesia. Freesia ○ 黙 黙 黙 黙 たり サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイ サイMiwatari in the staff room ○ Cineria Preparatory School First day ○ Bathroom that leads to a dreamy dream ○ Sineria Big Breasts Bounce Older Sister ○ Sinria Micro Bikini ○ Kinzan Hana ○ Cheeky Tears and Kinasanhana ○ Kinasan Hanakokusa ○ Closing to the bus, a foreign country, a dedicated kusa ○ luggage, and the luggage of the move, the luggage of the moving, and the same clothing. Name, of course, for a long time, for a long time, of course, the coast of the coast of the coast, and the public feet ○ Public Kusakushi ○ Needle ○ Painting into the back of the alley. As in the case of ○ Daisy, lunch, daisy, daisy, daisy, daisy, and still remaining stationery east chrysanthemum ○ Joshu, and passed Higashi -Kiku ○ Idol Almeria ○ Almeria ○ Almelia ○ Almelia first person who liked it for the first time ○ Almeria I forgot about Almeria ○ I lived temporarily, Hamatsuri ○ Almeria, I did not hurry up. Hairpin ○ Western book rooms ○ In the ceiling, book shelves are full of Western books on the black shelf. Pansies, some passage roads ○ Pansies and living in a sense of life ○ Beautiful flower of the lips ○ Voices of people passing through the plums and people passing through the road ○ There are no people who miss plums and evil. The shape of the shira plum is also a poet with a deep poet ○ Shira Ume Nodden at night ○ Born in Tokyo, born in Tokyo, raised in the UK, red plums, red plums and near -future cities. On the whole manga, you can’t be a word of love and the words, light red plum ○ red plums and sky breathe deep breathing 2022/05/05 14:35 Comments 0 [Water creatures It looks like a stubborn father ○ Ise shrimp’s marriage in Japan ○ The first Ise shrimp and appearance are dignified ○ Ise shrimp and shape -shaped oysters ○ grilled oysters and marital fights Red monument ○ Oyster hut in the sea. Write and write the actor’s abalone fluffy and travel pattern ○ Oishi’s abalone fluffy trip 2022/05/05 14:35 Comments 0 [Astronomical Sweet store Kiriki ○ Monster Watch when clocks ○ Sayika like a good -tailored clothes. Spring rainbow ○ The buttocks go to the grasslands in the spring rainbow ○ The heavens and the earth is connected to the earth, the rainbow flame in the spring ○ Toy Beast Beast Spring Day in the hands ○ Cosmetic Surgery and Spring too sweet. Entrance day ○ Don’t say about spring days or homes. Spring sky ○ Spring’s sky -in the spring lightning and spring thunder. ○ Thunder in the spring ○ Thunder in spring ○ Integrated and mysterious countries, Spring thunder and the first stage under the goal ○ Put the noise on the ball on the ball and ride the spring lightning ○ Pigeon Mikuji ○ Spring Thunder and Spring Thunder. Rado red bean confectionery ○ ○ 風 風 く く く くI will refrain from doing so. ○ His forehead and feng lighting and feng scared wall menu table ○ During the construction of Tokyo and construction ○ During the construction of a downtown area and construction ○ During construction ○ Hairstyle is confident and fluffy. Slowly loosened, silhouette Spring Clouds ○ Spring Clouds and Spring Clouds ○ Spring Clouds and Spring Clouds, Spring Clouds * Spring Clouds, Spring Clouds ○ Spring Clouds Open Spring Clouds. ○ Open the chest and open the spring clouds in the spring. ○ Like a toy like a toy ○ Spring sky ○ What is bleeding in the spring sky.横たはる○海原の吸はれてとほく春の空朧月○腕組のしゃぼんの泡や朧月○上京し魅力的なり朧月○上京したがい重なる朧月○鎮西の空に真の朧月○鎮西に金剛界の朧月○鎮西や一基渡りて朧月○鎮西の配所一つや朧月○鎮西に想う人あり朧月○まつしろな皿を出したり朧月○顔に手や猫の拝まん朧月○猫逃げて中央線に朧月○朧夜の安アパートにメガネ踏む○鎮西に一夜明かしつ朧なる○鎮西の気品ぬきさす朧かな○鎮西に遊びつかれて朧かな○円空や飛騨に抱かれて朧なる○朧夜のランドリーにて人語あり○朧なるランドリーにて会話せり○朧夜に椅子のひとつで二人なり春の雨○絹糸や片思いなり春の雨○春雨や朝の秘密をかわしけり○春雨に爪音にぬるむ今宵かな朧月○首都圏に予約できれば朧月○蕎麦切りの薬味濡るるや朧月○目標の定めリップや朧月○見知り解くブルーの瓶や朧月○しつとりと地方の駅や朧月○空港の椅子しづかなり朧月○大陸の遠くて近し蒙古風○つちふるや禅寺たたふ雲竜図○黄砂降る動物園の近代史○唐人のたたく衣や蒙古風春塵○春塵に愛人人形もつべきや○春塵や杉戸に歌のはじまりぬ○土壁のおもむきあるや春の塵○禅寺を一輪挿しや春の塵春一番○春一番目標あるや君と僕春嵐○春荒の豪快なるや英国車○春荒も基本となるや靴はじめ春風○春風や溶け込むようにピンク色○春風におとな気もなく捨て台詞○春風や枕カバーの干しにけり○春風や語学習得むかう道○春風や西海岸の豆の味○濃い豆のロゴの秘密や春の風春闇○西陣のおもかげ遠し春の闇寒昴○寒昴一つ足りなき七皇子○勾玉の七つ連ねて寒昴御神渡○縄文をとりこみ結ぶ御神渡○縄文の長きに渡る御神渡○縄文を時間に触れて御神渡氷海○氷原のさかさまにして日の暮るる○氷海や支援もなくて阿寒岳○氷海や炭鉱の火の消えにけり○移住者の氷海しろし蝦夷地かな○科学部の匙遠からず霜の花2022/05/05 14:35コメント0件【植物】○うらやまずほどに小さき菫草○未練なくひとひたむきに菫草○佳きものと同棲したり菫草○じんわりと絞め殺したり藤の花○この胸に光線銃や藤の花花水木○花水木半透明に好きな人若葉○草原のコンクリートや若葉うづむ紫陽花○紫陽花や昼に消えつつ夜半の月○知らぬもがな紫陽花の嘘加速せり○紫陽花や絶えてひさしき夜の雨○紫陽花や男女の坂なりみをつくし新緑○陰陽師新緑のなか歩きけり木蓮○木蓮や胸にひろがる白き泡○木蓮や女子学生の膝頭○木蓮や今でも声をわすれまじ○木蓮や教室の嘘いつまでも○永遠になにも要らない白木蓮○スカートの短きて濃き白木蓮○木蓮やハサミの夢はおなじ色アネモネ○アネモネや少女の瞳のごとくなり○アネモネやうらやむ坂をあと少し○アネモネやバレエシューズの夢の詩木瓜の花○回廊を進みてねむる木瓜の花ライラック○ライラックたくさんの嘘青ほのか○ライラック口付けしたり青ほのかチューリップ○チューリップ不安な夜もラララララ金木犀○金木犀スカート空に広げたりスイトピー○ポケツトに珊瑚の指輪スイトピー○ブラウスのいまに飛び立つスイトピー○ほつそりと脚の付け根にスイトピー○其の声のすこし好みやスイトピー○もどれなき帰す指先スイトピー○短髪の彼の生き方スイトピー薔薇○暁や空おし上げて薔薇の花○すこし不安すこし希望や薔薇の花○短めの髪よろけてや赤き薔薇○ちつぽけな痛む未来や薔薇の花○心臓や棘のひらいて薔薇の花○抱きしめて薔薇に指輪の邪魔をせり○情熱や紙の薄さを赤い薔薇○髪長き胸の奥ほど赤き薔薇ガーベラ○ガーベラや泣いて甘えて不屈の夢○ガーベラやもうおはようも聞こえない○ガーベラやそう君が居て独り言桃の花○おもいきり抱きしめたるや桃の花○知合えたあなたの傍に桃の花○足音をすこしおさえて桜かな○筒入に愛しき日々の桜かな○音箱のゆれてゆらゆら桜かな○口づさみ耳そろへたる桜かな○並べたる肩の高さや山桜○なに色やうつろふ心桜さくら○戸惑いも君がこころに桜かな○太ももの裏の河辺に桜かな山吹○山吹や未来定めのごとく散る○山吹や形りはバレエのごとくなり○山吹や太陽神となりにけり○山吹を最期は黙つていたのやら○山吹や風とこしえに七支刀梨の花○宛てもなく信じてをるや梨の花○梅が香や誰としらずに沖の石○新旧の軸や正さん梅の花○梅が香や閨につれなき夜もすがら○白梅や声なかりけりきのふより○たのしみやタイムトラベル夜の梅○解く糸や電話の度に梅の花○三井寺に詩を賜りし梅の花○白梅の紅梅となる垣根かな○紅白の梅となりけり茶の甘味○一切を忘れいく野や梅の花○一切をひとりかも寝む梅の花○配流の身となるらしも梅の花○舟ゆるる梅の花なり隠岐島○梅が香や藻塩やきつつみそぎたる○夜桜のカプセルホテル空の上○入居者の空新しき桜かな○片乳に房のままなり八重桜○億劫に唇食みし桜かな○夜桜に億劫なれど常夜灯○夜桜に尻のかたちや常夜灯○億劫に石のほのかに桜かな○夜桜や取り壊されて昭和街○夜桜や鳥居の前を二三回○億劫に桜見慣れて夜の街○夜桜や食材の買ふアジア系○億劫に窓艶やかに桜かな○億劫に窓辺も狭し桜坂○夜桜や急に話の刹那的○挨拶のもう事もなく桜かな○残酷な声も口調に桜かな○病室の名刺取りたる桜かな○手作りの塩辛の瓶残る桜○夜桜や安い自販機当たり付き○夜桜に生誕記念パンダ祭○夜桜や徒歩圏内に女学院○夜桜や焙煎に呑む女の子蜜柑○波打に癒されてをる蜜柑かな○自転車で波打ち際を蜜柑山伊予柑○伊予柑や胸波打ちとなりにけり蝋梅○蝋梅や裸に君の膨らます○蝋梅や天の気持ちを市女笠○蝋梅や垂れ衣の下魁ん○蝋梅やきのふなき日の武家育ち○蝋梅や大人屋敷の直ぐ横に2022/05/05 14:35コメント0件【植物】杉の花○恋愛の禁止しばらく花粉症○しばらくや目元に乗せて花粉症○さりげなく用水路ゆく杉の花○日輪に石拾うなり杉の花○裏口で休憩したり花粉症○各都市のローカルバスや杉の花○旅費わずか都会の街も杉の花○スケボーや印象的に花粉症○デジタルの橋の上なり花粉症○オーディション受けて帰りや杉の花○訪日の嘘つぱちなり杉の花○学生や結婚したり蓬草○餅草や学生結婚香りよき○学生や籍を入れたり蓬草○下腹の気になりはじめ蓬摘○ヴィンテージデニムの空や蓬摘いぬふぐり○接吻をするが如くに犬ふぐり○北国や挨拶をして犬ふぐり○犬ふぐり風の小さき暮しかな○犬ふぐり峰まだ白し友なりぬ○犬ふぐり生きざまといふほども無く○ドローンや本格始動犬ふぐり○陸上の靴の結びや犬ふぐり○犬ふぐり脳の整理の足取りに○髪といて肌つややかに犬ふぐり○女子の朝けふは今日トレ犬ふぐり○女子の午後犬のさんぽや犬ふぐり○雨も風もなじみのかはや犬ふぐり○スナックのママのトークや犬ふぐりジジイ! (笑)○早蕨や道連れとなり蔵王山○早蕨に雲や追うなり顔馴染○孕みたる山のごときのわらびかな○まほろばのこもるる山や蕨出づ○明日よりやリズム変えんと蕨とる○手の指や蕨の開くやはらかき○薇や生ける時代を選らばざり○鬼薇屋敷に残る山茶碗○鬼薇詩情ほぐれて地蔵堂○鬼薇百田夏菜子といふ女○すこし泣く鬼薇や女の子○侘しくも鬼薇や女の子○鬼薇裸の恋となりにけり○薇や大原川のはじめより○鬼薇へだたりも無く異国人○鬼薇素性を軽くふところに○鬼薇素性を軽く包みこむ○お値打ちの宿かけながし芹の水○膝下をよく濡らしたる根芹かな○芹の根や旅人癒す檜風呂和蘭芥子(クレソン)○クレソンや信濃の町も雨のなか○白皿の和蘭芥子や雨のなか薺の花○残されて女一人やぺんぺん草蒲公英○蒲公英や女子学生のふくらみぬ○蒲公英や珍味すこぶる昭和基地クローバー○おみ足と言わるる四葉のクローバー○旅行鞄バレエシューズにしろつめくさ○進学や進路四葉のクローバー○ひと昔何色四葉のクローバー○浮腫たる目元や四葉のクローバー○箱電話もしもし四葉のクローバー○整髪料デニムに四葉のクローバー○男の子工場跡にクローバー○しろつめくさ工場跡もなかりけり蕗の薹○蕗の薹れんらく来たり隣町○同じ顔カプセルホテル蕗の薹○サウナ有り素泊まりしたる蕗の薹○蕗の薹三十軒のあり申す紫雲英○早退し紫雲英の道や遠回り○げんげ田のやはらかきかな都会まで○趣味テニス年齢聞いてニラの束○アパートに足より多し韮の束○定時来てすらりと脚や韮の束○ニラ籠にため息ついてカプセルトイ○プロジェクトスタートしたり韮の束○新聞に知らぬ同士や韮の束○束の間の買い物かごや韮の束○来週は料理教室ニラの束水菜○土くれの壁に濡れたる水菜かな○にんにくや下の娘の好き嫌い○蒜や要らぬ明かりの皆消して○にんにくの太き玉なり夕まぐれ○にんにくや魔除けも兼ねて夕まぐれ○にんにくの彼は誰時地下太しほうれん草○代々やほうれん草の力瘤○ノーブラにほうれん草の湯を捨てりレタス○玉ぢしゃの軽くて重し水の束○新居にて音響のよきレタス食む○バーガーの1日楽しレタスかな○たつぷりと水の切りたるレタスかな○萵苣畑の走る少女や温暖差○女子高の稜線ちかしレタス畑○標高の電波したたる萵苣畑○学校の一時閉鎖やレタス食む○スカートの中やレタスの温暖差葱坊主○親しみを込めて呼ぶなり葱坊主○葱坊主ひとつの文字で飾りけり○葱坊主着くづすこともなかりけり○葱坊主都会の風もこなしけり○葱坊主みているだけでダイハード○愛犬の顎の高さや葱坊主○それぞれの人種の風や葱坊主○葱坊主つい騙されて山河あり○アパートの町に迷いて葱坊主○葱坊主三途の川のこちら側○葱坊主性癖のこと薬のむ○葱坊主311と過ぎにけり○311海に捨てたり葱坊主○葱坊主311に魅せらるる○ふるさとや海山もなく葱坊主ヒヤシンス○皇帝に囁き告げるヒアシンス○ヒアシンス芸術一家四月より○挨拶や二こと三ことヒヤシンス大根の花○大根の花や教授の見送りぬ○大根の花のゆられて掲示板○保護いぬや大根の花親しけり○大根の花を見下ろす大工場○大根の花や職場の通り道紅葉○紅葉や少年の目に広島戦○紅葉や広島巨人をみる少年○広島やもみづに一も理由もなく青海苔○青海苔や空清らかに服つくる○青海苔や海の恵みに発明家○青海苔や人生にして風のなか○青海苔や叱られてをり夜風受け○午前より青海苔の青光りけり○青海苔や風ちか道に遠回り○人生や青海苔ゆれて旋律となるスイトピー○時計屋の長方形にスイトピー若布○若布干す猫ののらりと歩きけり○小窓あけ大窓よりや若布干す○若布干す猫や政治を聞きにけり○混沌と若布の海や始まりぬ○若布干すレールや北に眠りけり○若布干す空にまんまる雲の浮く○先代の残すふんどし若布干す○海風にもてあそばれて若布かな水芭蕉○白砂を撒いたごとくや水芭蕉○月読の朝のしずくや水芭蕉○弁舌をふるう事なき水芭蕉○月読の杯呉れて水芭蕉○月読の瞳の落ちて水芭蕉2022/05/05 14:34コメント0件【地理】春の水○春水や守り袋の品揃ふ水温む○水温む髪や花街の昼下り○素顔なる花街の昼や水温む春の堤○行列や長時間待つ春の堤春泥○春泥やお寺の裏は観光地○春泥やカフェに入ろか迷い立○白昼に種を買いゆく春の泥○春泥や息つく街を眺めをり○春泥を型にしたる指輪かな○春泥や年増の庭をぬかで立○春泥や肌の乾きの惜しみ無く○春泥や若い男の足の型○春泥や残す都内のペアシート○春泥に復讐したりネット妻○春泥や年増女の気の緩み○春泥に誘われてをり手の湿り○人妻の脚なまめいて春の泥○白昼に汚されたるや春の泥○人妻の指くわえこみ春の泥○くわえこむ女の性や春の泥初筑波○ダイダラの股より里の初筑波○ダイダラの股より見ゆる初筑波○人跨ぎ二またぎせぬ初筑波初富士○初富士や急須の口に獅子の口○初富士や君の千歳を風の声○初富士や東海本線昔より○初富士を知りたる人の急須かな○初富士や新幹線に淹るるお茶○初富士や時代も変わりすでにして○初富士や迎合もせづ五十年○初富士や成年行事に両陛下○初富士や好みの女帰りけり○初富士や鏡のごとく迎えけり○初富士や三方にのせ有りがたき○初富士を一本釣りとなり申す○初富士や息災といふ便り有り春の海、夏の海、秋の海、冬の海○日本地図ほろりくずれて春の海○日本地図なべてたのしき夏の海○日本地図つれそふごとき秋の海○日本地図美の根底に冬の海春の波○春濤や催眠術の石ゆるる○催眠やねむくなります春の波○海岸の伸びて左右や春の波○春濤や肌に軽さの感じをり○指先を小蟹のごとき春の波2022/05/05 14:34コメント0件【天文】春の雪○キャラメルを口にのせたり春の雪○キャラメルをのせる如くや春の雪○春雪や抽出方を射す光り○春雪や侯爵邸のシロップけり○春雪や見つめる僕もけもの道淡雪○淡雪やまたながされて海の上春の星○春星や顔一面に大熊座○いにしえの船やすくわん春の星春の月○手触りの淡き命や春の月春の風○自転車にパンの包みや春の風流星○流星や砕石場を水の上夕立○夕立に立て掛けたるや写真立雪の果○整然と並ぶマンガや雪の果○クーポンの半額券や雪の果○馴染みある飲物付きや雪の果○鉄板にタバスコひねり雪の果○もぎたてのルージュのごとき雪の別れ○唇の温度にとけて雪の別れ○近しきに愛とられてや雪の果斑雪○肉巻の何にしようかはだれ雪○斑雪や湯に温めてカップ酒春光○春光や学芸員の昼休み○無機質の壁にころがる春の光○春光や彫刻のよく池の上○春光や純白となり麺絡む○春光や麺に絡みて脂の咲かせ花の雨○女子会に話とぎれて花の雨春霖○春霖や君眼差しのごとくなり○春霖や持続可能な伊豆の海春の月○春月に外灯のみの港かな○爛々と彼のことなり春の月○春月の出石城下や皿五枚○春月や出石城下を落としけり○春月を肩にのせたり宝来寺○まんまるの犬もでるなり春の月春の雨○縄文の櫓をぬらす春の雨○関係も私らしいと春の雨○春雨やご近所の傘うつくしき○給与なの見合つてないの春の雨春の月○正直をうやむやにして春の月○春月や商人となる心持○春月や一眼レフの覗き穴○副業を検討したり春の月○転職に期待もしたり春の月○未来なき話す自分に春の月○昇給に不満のあるや春の月○ため息は社内移動や春の月○働きかた育児もあるし春の月○結婚は断りて来てる春の月○否定せず今の仕事や春の月○満足をしてると迫る春の月○独立の目線育児や春の月○昇進や昇給もなく春の月○通勤に社会の壁や春の月○可能性今のところや春の月○ビニールの凩遠くなりにけり○凩や待ちゆく人もなかりけり初日○写仏する歌人のごとき初日かな○御朱印の見開くごとき初日かな初明り○代えがたき暮らしを伸ばす初明り○お守りを渡す如くに初明り○広大な寺を任せて初明り○古の森つみあげて初明り○吉原に遊女隠さん雪の夜○芸州の舟に雪華の遊女かな○芸州の舟に雪つく遊女かな春雷▲○おもかげもがさつな君を春の雷○整然と不思議の国や春の雷○春雷やゴールの下の初舞台○春雷や会はざらめやも玉の輿○春雷や守り袋に縁結び○雑音をボールにのせて春の雷2022/05/05 14:34コメント0件【生活】雛市○雛市や隣におよぐ熱帯魚雛祭○面影を母覆うなり雛納め○横たはる冷たき顔や雛祭○対の雛おもく美貌となりにけり○手土産の母娘雛祭○千切りの髪元白し雛祭○花活けて僧喜びぬ雛祭○男雛女雛に夫婦雛祭○泰平をうらなう物や雛祭○古雛のたづねる人もなかりけり○雛流す童かえりや手をつなぎ○古書店にふける男や雛祭○ひいなさま手元に置いて不登校○酒いける口の女や雛祭○忘れける傘小ささや雛祭冬籠○古本や猫をまくらに冬籠掃納○掃納開かれてをる戸の向かう○音も止み静かに過ぐる掃納○大勢が小勢となりし掃納○据風呂に水ながしたる掃納○掃納して夜美しき門構○紙くずや目的もなく掃納火事○ただひとつ社の火事や真赤なり○暁の火事に不安を覚えけり○少年の通つた道や火事の中○鎮火して大人の足や重からぬ熊手○七福鯛全部のせたる熊手かな○かつこんで熊手守りや月の中○落ち着いて熊手守りや飾りけり○百万の熊手や足を引きとめり卒業○卒業や無口な人のさようなら○漆黒の双眸つねに卒業す○卒業や机の角の汚れをり○卒業や水槽四辺うす明かり○卒業や逆さ箒の綿埃○卒業や壁に傷ありアカサタナ○卒業や胸いつぱいに吸いにけり○卒業や玉挟まれて体育館○卒業や鉄道写真家帰り道○卒業や硝子の穴の二三枚○卒業や生徒会長美人なり○ある人の鎌倉の海卒業す○卒業や犬も馴染みとなりにけり○卒業や花の色なり武家屋敷○卒業や飼主の部屋空となり○卒業や香水の瓶倒しけり○卒業や夕暮れ撮影してみをり○卒業や切り分けてゆく写真像○卒業や整髪料の残りをり○双眸に光る点あり卒業式○卒業や上の句遠く胸ボタン○卒業や変わらないことを白眼視○卒業に心と心絵文字かな○卒業や市場にならぶ蛸のあし春休○ギター持つ裸足の女神春休み○春休母のデニムの穿き心地○母娘デニムならべて春休入学○手づからや靴そろえたり一年生○入学や蟹たべたいと思ひけり○入学やドラマチックなコスメなり○入学やジェンダーレスを買いにけり○入学や美人じゃないのでルーティーン○入学式ばばの手を引く村はづれ○入学式むしろ私が嫌いなり○入学に貴殿は誰ぞ気になりぬ○入学や心をつかむ人のこと○入学や白いタイツの女の子○見逃すなわたし逃すな入学式○入学や白きタイツのむり笑ひ春の夢○胸板や挟まれてをり春の夢初夢○初夢や額に見立てて冨士の山○初夢や絹地優しく柔らかく初釜○神官の竹瑞々し初手前○神官の手作り菓子や初手前○神官や花に遅れて初手前○初釜の火やあたたかき心の窓能始○白黒の面の払い能始○白黒の隠されたるや能始弓始○胸当てのふくらみかけて弓始○神の乗るゆがけのごとき弓始○所作も良き息ととのいて弓始○その道の顔揺るぎなき弓始○恋の道捨てる覚悟や弓始○近遠や美しくあれ弓始○神々や日輪の引く弓始○肩幅の足袋美しや弓始屠蘇○屠蘇代わり三口すすむや養命酒○屠蘇として三口すすむや養命酒○屠蘇かはり三口すすむや養命酒橙飾る○橙をさながらに据え陰陽師○橙を飾りつい出て父のこと○橙をいくつ飾るや母のこと○素朴なる家に橙飾りけり○橙の飾りや据えて同じこと○橙の安定よくてうれし人○橙の安定も良くすわりけり飾海老○強者や鎌倉海老を飾りけり○武士どもや鎌倉海老を飾りけり○伊勢志摩の髭の辺りや飾海老○足袋白く声も張りあり飾海老雑煮○静やかの椀に流儀の雑煮かな門松○鎌倉の農夫しずかや門の松若水○若水や歌の如くに持ち帰る○若水や水占いの如くなり獅子舞○獅子舞や江戸にもたらす松の色鏡開き○万物の息吹しづかや鏡割り鏡餅○良人や袴の襟の鏡餅○鶏の音しずかなり鏡餅○復活を敷いて伸ばすや鏡餅○整然と店にありけり鏡餅○伝統の形好しとし鏡餅○凛々と折目ただしく鏡餅○大小の目出度き物や鏡餅新米○新米や名水ごとく皿の上○名水を握るむすびや今年米○おにぎりの名水白き早稲の飯初竈○しづけさの廚の君や初竈○福種を満ちあふれたり初竈○福神の巡拝したり初竈○初竈片前足をあげてをり○独り身を招き猫なり初竈○大家族分の形や初竈2022/05/05 1 4:34コメント0件【時候】五月○水彩の筆を洗ひし五月かな○水彩の黄緑あらふ風五月○単純なよろこびとなり里の春日永○永き日や花の活けたりほとけさま○永き日や青き硝子の首飾り○永き日のみやげビフカツサンドなり長閑○長閑さやほんに擦れたり裏表紙○長閑さや原稿用紙白きまま夏めく○夏めいて煮込料理のカウンター○夏めいてグルメライター気取りなり五月○何気なく腕のふれたる五月かな麗か○うららかにほどよき波の戻りをり○うららかやほどよき波の待ちてをり○麗かや風にめくれてプリント地○麗かやオール電化の行儀良き○麗かに電気自動車しづかなり○麗かや壁一面のスニーカー○麗かや匙の向こうは海の理由○麗かに壁一面の靴や園○麗かに雨長靴やレモンいろ○麗かや森にもたれて文庫本○麗かや花柄好きな女の子○麗かや装飾品は花のむかし暖か○暖や瞼の奥の小窓開く○暖や五穀豊穣いのりけり○暖や皿に盛られてオムライス○一幅の長さ佳きなり春の北○築年の窓にたたずむ春の街○雑貨屋の棚にぎやかに春堪能○庭先に大鉢のあり春の菓子○籠花や掛け紙までも春の鮓立春○立春や銀行の前うつくしき○立春や男惚れした次第なり○立春や告白もなく妻を詠む○立春や新聞青き予報欄○立春にもてなす宿や京童冴ゆ○赤面の消えて星座や佐渡の冴ゆ冬至○人影の人それぞれの冬至哉寒の内○雪村や家督も細く寒の内冬日○クッションの稜に優しき冬日哉○愛猫のほのかに重し冬日向○冬日向少しおもきの料理本師走○全国にたすきを渡す師走かな2022/05/05 14:34コメント0件【生活】氷水○天然の落差のごとき氷水○冷たさの指環のいろや氷水○数学の参考書裏かき氷○清純の器ただしき氷水○氷水香る温度の生果実○がつちりと昔気質や氷水○シロップの強い味方やかき氷○朝鮮のメイクのにくきかき氷○鐘楼やひとり二胡弾く氷水○マンゴーを一口たべてかき氷○まつとうな仕事の町や氷水○うぶ声のまつ毛のごときかき氷○ミニスカの二人ばかりや氷水氷菓○幸せや家族そろいてアイスの棒○無題なるアートのごときアイスクリーム○下町の通信塔やソフトクリーム○眺望の海はるかなりソフトクリーム○北千住いくつもの道ソフトクリーム○雲竜の宇治の抹茶やソフトクリーム氷水○太もものもちもち出してかき氷○短めのスカート淡しかき氷○後ろ髪引かるる思ひかき氷○クレーンや空にいくつもかき氷雛あられ○真白の服におさげや雛あられ○手の内の右より落ちて雛あられ○肉削げて乾いた指の雛あられ○雛あられたべて右手や猫の耳雪壁○雪壁や甘きおとぎの隣国○とりあえずイチゴを食べて雪の壁2022/05/05 14:33コメント0件【動物】○鰰や腰を据えたら本調子○鰰や秋田自慢の秋田弁○鰰や銘酒と共に帰りけり○鰰のブリコのことで大けんくわ○鰰やほろほろほろと泣きにけり○鰰やしらふで酔うて秋田弁○鰰や三人の今四人なり○下鴨の鴨の一つや御影石○鴨一つないて鏡や玄武館○後添えに狐を貰う男哉かもしか○かもしかや瞬くほどに月の山○かもしかや指をささずに大いなる○狼の神の使いや期待せり○律儀なる両手揃えて白兎○少年の中心となる白兎螢狩○誰知らぬ隣り合わせや螢狩○この道やどこまでつづく鵙の声○百舌鳥ないて社会の空や暮れゆかん○居酒屋の暮るる都会やもずの声○大衆の奢るる街やもずの声天道虫○たまさかな情事となりし天道虫○天道虫猫にとられて向島○栄養の瓶に蓄え天道虫○名人の目元口元天道虫金亀子(こがねむし)○下町をすこし上より金亀子○挨拶もそこそこにして金亀子○食品のサンプルすべて金亀子○かなぶんや地下改札に迷いけり○かなぶんや大入となり演芸場○歌うたふ少女のごとき胡蝶かな○たずねても大空に吹きこむ胡蝶かな○初蝶や雲の端よりちぎれ落つ○目覚めたる指の又より春の蝶○目の覚めて少し遅るる春の蝶○目の覚めて遅速いたすや春の蝶郭公○郭公や東にひさし西阿弥陀○郭公や東ひさし西阿弥陀○郭公や誰ひとりゆく古里に○郭公や問いも答ものんびりす○郭公や生きうることの雫なり○郭公や赴くままに向いてをり蜻蛉○おぼこらの絵具箱なり赤蜻蛉○とんぼうの真直ぐとなり雑技団○スコップの柄にしばらくは赤蜻蛉○しよんぼりと黄色き浪や赤蜻蛉○老人の片思いなり赤蜻蛉鳥雲に入る○森一夜鳥雲に入る大鳥居初蝶○初蝶や富士に降りつつ天の原○普段着の投げ捨てられて蝉の声○大鷲や四海の空を掴むなり○心願の如く大鷲飛翔せり○嘴や平伏すほど鷲の足○大鷲や終生の又上を行く○大鷲や現身見ゆる空の上○梟や二十六夜の声を聞く○つばくろや称賛すべき菓子の中冬の鳥○寒禽や家庭の貧し社交界○鷹高く千葉周作の柄袋○隼や一撃となる目の一つ○丹頂や無色の筒の如くなり○傾けるとくりや丹頂鶴の声凍鶴○凍鶴や女子高生の如くなり○凍鶴やモデルのごとく立ちにけり○凍鶴や長靴下のより高く白鳥○白鳥や旭日の中大河原○白鳥や行くな行くなと水の上千鳥○浜千鳥空は行かずにぬらしけし○鴨の目や暮れゆく波を空に似る冬の雁○北限や帰つてこいよ冬の雁○悲しさや日本狼山の民○狼の絶えて街人そして絵馬寒犬○寒犬の声やあれこれ丸まると2022/05/05 14:33コメント0件【行事】初不動○如何様に口を結んで初不動○菰や着てひれ伏す君や初不動○武蔵野を火焔の内や初不動○唇や噛み始まるる初不動○初不動あらのの海を渡りけり歳徳神○年神や雷公様の通り道○年神や益々明けて家の外初場所○初場所や花を持たせて帰りけり○初場所や大関充実したりけり七種○七種や鬼の時代となりにけり初詣○青竹の割り残りてや初詣○鳩小屋もおごそかなりし初詣○鳩小屋のわき道白し初詣○一言をいただく事や初神籤○恋人や二人結んで初神籤○初籤上々は吉いふやなり○逢いたいと願う大吉初みくじ○大吉と書かれてをるや初神籤○気にかかる事もなきこと初神籤○北国のプラットホームや雛の顔○北国の各方面や雛人形○北国の駅のホームや雛人形○またや見ん箱やしずかに雛の顔○対談や一服となり対の雛五月○金太郎五月の風を新しき○金太郎腕まるまると五月かな鯉幟○鯉のぼりむらむらむらに横たわる原爆忌○ぐらぐらと湯の煮えたぎる原爆忌○弓形の鉄の黒々や原爆忌○机弓形に青春の原爆忌○一斤のパンやまるごと原爆忌札幌雪祭○雪像や明治の町も美しき○札幌や明治詩人の雪まつり○札幌や恋裏返し雪まつり○札幌や並木過ぎし日雪まつり▲柚子湯○冬至湯や旅のつかれも火の点る○冬至湯や坊主頭の如くなり初場所○初場所や座布団正し勝名のり○初場所やちらほら帯の締めにけり○上達の一月場所や隅田川絵踏○笑顔なる進んで主の絵踏かな○絵踏して微笑む顔となりにけり○絵踏して笑顔の主を失わず初午○初午や店に二つの影法師○初午に雀ならびて午後日和○初午や旅のはじめの陸奥の松○初午や届け物あり婦人会○初午の早きは火事の多きけれ○初午やうちの小町の狐顔○初午や鳩しづかなり小屋の中伊勢参○貝殻や脚を伸ばして伊勢参○白足袋の始め終わりや伊勢参春日祭○宗像の女性の瞳や申祭義士祭○鎌倉の五輪の塔や義士祭○小山より一子貰ひし義士祭○義士祭ひつそりとただ大石家○瀬田川のながれ速きや義士祭○大石の村もありけり義士祭○大石家みな分かれたり義士祭○なつかしの瀬田の流れや義士祭義士討入りの日○義士会や役者の情となりにけり○義士会や落つ闇の行く音の無く仏生会○鬼もまた甘き衣や仏生会○家出して逃げる定めぞ仏生会○このごろや良きこととなり仏生会○苦しみの定めといはづ仏生会○気楽なる人とみうけし仏生会初燈○懐の深き男女や初燈○氏神や畏れ多いと初燈明四方拝○霊うてば伊勢に冥加や四方拝破魔弓○破魔矢受く妻の腰骨さすりけり○破魔弓を取り上げられし神の棚○破魔弓を飾りとせぬぞ矢を放つ○猫招く姿見えなく破魔矢受くクリスマス○錨上げタイタニックやクリスマス○ウィンザー城に一人やクリスマス○空席の吐露したりけりクリスマス○空席や家族写真のクリスマス○英国やひとりぼつちのクリスマス朝賀○菰まとひ心錦の朝賀かな○わさわさと報道さるる朝賀哉神楽○八重垣のこと美しき神遊○八雲たつ八重垣つくる神楽かな○縁結ぶやくも八重垣神遊○大正のさがす和傘や神楽たつ○山陰の湯や高らかに神楽たつ○御神楽や銀に湯泉津の大官所○御神楽のおろち天窓たまわりぬ○御神楽や子を背負いけり那岐の山○神官のかなしくせまる神楽かな○御神楽や和歌の詠まれし初之宮○御神楽やグルメ散策風とほり○妻籠みて舞に悪鬼の神遊○攻む鬼の月に尽きぬや神遊○紅白の鬼に仏も神遊○舞絹の一針づつや神遊2022/05/05 14:33コメント0件【植物】杏子○かわいらしい杏子のやうな男の子○完熟の杏子の皮やくちで剥く○欠伸して杏子や友と密にせり○黒髪のにぎる杏子のお姫様新緑○新緑や四川の街のより所○新緑の茶座や気ままに茶器の音新緑○新緑や水面の玉を飛ばしをり若葉○暗闇の光のごとき若葉かな○一遍の音の如くや若葉吹く青葉○草原の緑のなかの青葉かな○晴天のダムに沈みし桜かな○厳しさを嘘に嬉々せる桜かな○阿弥陀仏うねりにふれて桜かな躑躅○暁の涙のごときつつじかな春の筍○春筍や頭並べて夜の明ける○飯うまき蕨やとうに遊びをり○薇や山形村の大名主雛罌粟○ポピーといふ少しおどけた女の子桃の花○黒姫にささめき落とす桃の花○黒姫や色気づきたり桃の花○黒姫の襦袢めくれて桃の花○桃の花咲いて恥じらふ飯豊山ミモザ○カンバスを悠々と抱くミモザかな○カンバスに子犬を連れてミモザかな○フェリーよりミモザの君や南下せり○ミモザ咲き農夫や妻に流れ去る○牛飼いのむすめのごときミモザかな○抱き締めてミモザやけふも色を増す○抱き締めて誕生したるミモザかな山桜○清流の音にゆられて山桜花筏○風やなく名もなき沼に花筏落花○老木の幹や濡らして桜散る菜の花○菜の花や自慢の窯の釉薬○菜の花にバスさよならと出合いかな○菜の花や写真家の目に近代化蕗の薹○純白の予知といふべき蕗の薹○なにごとも異なるいろや梅の花○悲しみも人それぞれや梅の花○梅が香や胸に幾度も咲きにけり○梅の花おのれひとりの名所かな辛夷○一天に触手をのばす辛夷かな○三角の山より高き辛夷かな○一本の辛夷の道を帰りけり○辛夷咲く他に名のなき熊野川○やまあららぎ山の青さをつかみをり一人静○下るより登るがやすし一人静二人静○お不動の水一筋に二人静春椎茸○影やもうしつかりとあり春椎茸紫雲英○虫たちの衣となりし蓮華草○蓮華草風や野に来て無農薬○写真家のほころび癒えぬ蓮華草チューリップ○草原の湯に浮かべたりチューリップメロン○静かなる銀座通やメロン食ぶ○袖を引く女の脚やメロン食ぶ蚕豆○蚕豆の尻ならびたる小鉢かな茄子○眺望を図面くわしく茄子かな○一品の光のなかの茄子かな○ことごとく油に滑る茄子かな○水飲みて江戸紫の茄子かな○味わいの花もかわらず日本海○つつましや花のふれ合ふ日本海海苔○悠々と海苔のつづくや松の島○栗おこわねばるみたらし桜かな○数学の目元涼しき落花かな○落花して領収書なりアスファルト○数学の思いの数を桜かな○数学を出でて二階の桜人花見○すぐにある日常のほら花の宴○東北の歌も聞こえて花見かな○静かなるやかんの声や花の宿○ゆるやかに香る街角さくら狩葱坊主○葱坊主未曾有なことの夜となり○葱坊主未曾有なことの思ひけり○葱坊主無常な夜を過ごしけり2022/05/05 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If you do your own heart, you will not be able to get on the Oath of Nyorai, even if you do your own heart. “

“If you trust the annoyance to your feet, and get on your application power, you will be able to prove the legitimacy.”

Soga Wede Description Two Worlds (38 to 39)


Hiroaki Koyama

22, 7, 18

7-8-3 Tarui, Sennan City


ML: Sennannkagayaki@yahoo.co.jp

URL: koyama762661.exblog.jp/

Ask the Ishin politics

Is an issue for next year’s election. The method is not democratic.

The “Restoration Politics”, which is the majority of parliament, is an unreasonable intervention in parliamentary agencies that reflect the voices of a variety of sovereign citizens.

The Meiji Restoration is a strong man and a capitalist who spoke on a strong position, derived from the LDP.

Sovereign people, democracy, is a troublesome system for the strong.

And humans have a helpless side. Each one thinks is weak, but it is made and is different!

The fact that it is incorrect to be a big “power” when gathered is to be “bowyoku”.

That appears to be useless if you have nuclear weapons or unnecessary force.

It becomes a powerful force and infringes the value in the original position.

Originally, I have the illusion that the number of precious things is an artificial thing more than the absolute value of one person.

There is a mistake in abandoning the universal value of one precious person in the value of the number that is not original, not real.

I neglected the absolute value of one person, just one and one vote, and took out some of the acts of the people who voted there, and the election was not distorted because of the absolute value. I think it is a political method that lacks tolerance for the thing.

The governor with information and the mayor of the municipalities start to the parliament, which is the voting organization

Dictatorial politics is to try to remain the voice of each residents, such as parliament, as the chief of the parliament.

It destroys the important part of democracy that respects the opinions of each person.

I make a decision in Congress

He asserted in the election of Mayor Sennan in April that the execution was decided in the 온라인바둑이 parliament, and he had 2744 votes, and the Mayor of the Meiji Restoration was his 10861 votes (turnout 28.47 %). 。

In this regard, Osaka Prefectural Elections need to elect non -rehabilitation prefectural assembly from this Senshu, Tajiri, Sennan, Hannan, and Misaki.

Osaka Prefecture is a coordinated organization of each municipality, which should play an important role.

The society after Corona needs to make the municipalities based on the characteristics of the region, and the Senshu area is the best place to create in the development of nature.

Municipalities are responsible for residents.

The prefecture has not been informed by the municipality of who was infected due to Corona’s problem.

Municipalities protect residents. The role of the prefecture is to support municipalities so that infected people, deceased, and victims can respond and compensate properly.

For that purpose, we should seek the technical and financial support for the country for municipalities.

You should not revitalize the city at the “casino”. You should stop the Expo. You should not have a Tokyo concept. The prefectural government should not control the municipalities.

The residents are sovereigns, and it is a society under sovereign people to take measures for that for that measure under municipalities and residents.

The role of the prefectural government is to send information from the entire prefecture’s standpoint and adjust the characteristics to each of the municipalities.

43 municipalities in the prefecture are equal as a sovereign. Both Misaki Town and Osaka City are equal.

At the time of the governor, Toru Hashishita ran out that the basic municipality was a municipality at a street meeting in front of Otori Station, and later said that Tokyo was created at once during the Tojo Eiken administration.

It is a wartime system, and under sovereign people, municipalities are the only position in which the politics and administration of sovereign residents are based on the basics.

“Restoration Politics” is trying to control the municipalities without knowing the city of Osaka, weakening the real power, and reducing the real power, without legal authority.

Politics, which can only be politics in parliament, is not a democratic politics.

In the election of non -rehabilitation prefectural assembly from this Senshu area, democracy of the prefecture is realized for each person to realize it! (next spring)

Being in the position of each resident is to stand in the position of 43 municipalities (pairs).

1st and 15th of every month

A round -table conference.

Location “Cafe Namaste” 7-8-3 Tarui, Sennan City 080-4971-1881

Email: Sennannkagayaki@yahoo.co.jp

URL: koyama762661.exblog.jp/

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