Hong Kong Market Overview on the 21st: Hansen 1.3 % cheaper for 3 days, dropped by 3.5 % tech index

Hong Kong Market Overview on the 21st: Hansen 1.3 % cheaper for 3 days, dropped by 3.5 % tech index

The Hong Kong Market on the 21st is 20682.22 points, which is 262.45 points (1.25 %), which consists of 66 major brands, and 136.09 points in the mainland stock index (formerly H stock index) consisting of mainland company shares. (1.92 %) The price fell for three days with 6962.20 points (the Hansen Index was the first low in about 5 weeks). The trading value is expanding to Hong Kong Kong Kong Kong (98,034.8 million dollars on the 20th).

The flow of high -tech stock weakness. In the US market last night, video distribution Netflix was sold due to financial results, and the Nasdaq index dropped 1.2 %. Inheriting the trend, selling in Hong Kong is ahead of the related brands of “New Economy”. Anxiety about the Chinese economy is increasing. In the latest report, Nomura has revised 1.6 points down 1.6 points from 3.4 to 1.8 % of China’s gross domestic production (GDP) growth rate in the April -June quarter of China this year. Prior to this, the International Currency Fund (IMF) has also reduced China’s growth outlook. It is also anxious that the health authorities in Shanghai have reported on the 21st that the number of severely ill patients with new colonavirus infections reached 159 as of the 20th, increased triples from about 50 people the day before (19th). rice field. (Ashuro Research Editorial Department)

The Hansen Technology (Tech) index is 3.5 % cheaper (28 of the 30 configuration brands). Individually, high -performance data centers develop and operated all over the country (GDS Holdings: 9698/HK, GDS/NASDAQ) are 10.9 % lower, and the Kyogo group (E -Commerce) major 바카라 Kyogumi group (JD dotcom: 9618/HK) ) However, the Medical Service Company’s Ali Healthy Doctrine Technology (Alibaba Health: 241/HK) was reduced by 6.2 %. In addition, the food and drink portal site’s beauty (Maituan: 3690/HK) is 4.9 % cheaper. Regarding the company, it is also regarded as negative materials that one of the founders, Keibun Wang, sold 748,800 shares on March 13-14 this month.

Splashes such as casinos, travel agencies, and eating out have plummeted. Eiri Macau (Win Macau: 1128/HK) is 8.2 % cheaper, Hirosa Macau HD (SJM Holdings: 880/HK) is 5.7 % lower, and the same travel HD (Tonchen Travel Holdings: 780/HK) 3.1 % Chorus, a group of Trip.com Group (Trip.com Group: 9961/HK) is 2.1 % lower, the seabed International HD (6862/HK) is 7.1 %, and the International HD (9869/HK) is 6.9 % cheaper. finished.

The electric vehicle (EV) sector is also cheap. 4.4 % of Souhou Motor (9868/HK, XPev/NYSE) and ideal trains (2015/HK, LI/NASDAQ) are 4.4 %, 3.4 % of Ulto Motors (Nio: 9866/HK, NIO/NYSE), 3.4 %. Di (byd: 1211/HK) fell by 3.1 %.

There is no drug sector. Yakuaki Biological Technology (WSI Bio Logics: 2269/HK) is 6.8 %, Shanghai Reissan Pharmaceutical Group (2196/HK) is 5.0 %, and Baekje Jingu (Bay Jiang: 6160/HK) is 3.5 % cheaper. The pharmaceutical group (874/HK) was closed at 3.0 %.

On the other hand, the finance, public interest, and consumption based in Hong Kong are found. HSBC (5/HK) is 1.9 % higher, feasible hitting group (standard chartered: 2888/hk) is 1.3 % higher, electromotive business (Power Assetz Holdings: 6/HK) is 1.4 % higher, Chuen HD ( CLP Holdings: 2/HK) increased by 1.3 %, and 360HD (Best Mart 360 Holdings: 2360/HK) increased by 1.5 %. Movement to normalize economic activity in the region. In Hong Kong, where the new Coronavirus infection has settled down, some people have been reluctant to eat at night for the first time in three and a half months on the 21st.

In other individual shareholding directions, ASM Pacific Technology (522/HK), a major semiconductor packaging and testing equipment, is 2.0 % higher. The settlement is considered to be material. In the company’s published financial results, net income increased by 60 %, and sales were a quarterly basis.

Meanwhile, the mainland market has fallen for 5 days. The main indicator of the Shanghai General Index ended the transaction at 3079.81 points, which is 2.26 % lower than the previous day. Consumer -related shares are cheap. Real estate stocks, materials, energy stocks, pharmaceutical stocks, high -tech stocks, public interest stocks, transportation, infrastructure -related stocks, and one corner of financial stocks were also sold.

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